Understanding the Gulf of Maine through interdisciplinary research

We conduct innovative, multidisciplinary research to understand the complex coastal and marine ecosystems in the Gulf of Maine. We apply that knowledge to the region's challenging economic, social, and environmental issues to advance the long-term sustainability, growth, and resilience of the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and the people that depend on it.

Janet Duffy-Anderson, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer
Headshot of Janet Duffy-Anderson
Janet Duffy-Anderson, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer

Our Labs

Our team of world-class scientists conducts marine research to better understand and steward the Gulf of Maine ecosystem — including people. Our labs combine their individual expertise to form a research program that covers the Gulf of Maine “from physics to fish sticks.”

  • Quantitative Fisheries Research

    Our lab conducts research and participates in science advisory work to improve the management of ecologically and economically valuable marine resources.

  • Fisheries Ecology

    Our lab investigates ecological information about economically important fish, to ensure that fisheries can adapt to changes and operate at world-class levels.

  • Pelagic Fisheries

    Our lab uses cutting edge science to fill life history gaps for highly valuable and migratory species, and by doing so, improve management capacities.

  • Integrated Systems Ecology

    Our lab works to distill and analyze complex ocean dynamics to inform decision-makers and promote sustainability and resiliency in the Gulf of Maine.

  • Climate Change Ecology

    Our lab seeks to understand how warming, acidification, and deoxygenation alter marine ecosystems.

  • Coastal and Marine Economics

    Our lab seeks to understand the mechanisms behind our decisions and behaviors, and how they relate to coastal and marine resource uses.

  • Ocean Data Products

    Our team of experts transforms a constant flow of complex ocean data into simplified, accessible information streams and visuals for a diverse range of stakeholders.

  • Learning Sciences

    Our lab seeks to advance the scientific understanding of teaching and learning by thoughtfully inquiring into the contexts in which learning happens.

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