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Gulf of Maine Ventures

Building a resilient, modernized 21st-century marine economy by supporting and investing in high-impact companies.

Gulf of Maine Ventures is the entrepreneurship and innovation arm of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. Starting in Portland, ME, we bridge the gap between innovative, blue economy businesses and the capital, technical knowledge, and networks needed to help them grow.

We catalyze solutions to global ocean challenges by creating, scaling, and investing in innovative climate and ocean-economy companies.

  • Create: We commercialize internally-generated ideas, develop promising ideas that originate externally with partners, and combine market insights with GMRI staff knowledge to identify business opportunities.
  • Scale: We support businesses with access to industry knowledge, science and business technical advisory, our large network of partnerships and resources, and ultimately a path to investment.
  • Invest: We partner with Bold Ocean Ventures Fund I LP, a $15M mission-driven seed- and early-stage venture capital fund aimed at helping startups reach their maximum financial and impact returns.

Our Work

Interested in working with us? Explore our work with companies, investors, and partners.

  • Companies


    Our team engages in a mix of work that spans company creation, technical assistance, business strategy development, hands-on mentoring of select startups, and investments through …

  • Investments


    Led by independent, experienced investment professionals, Brady Bohrmann and Tim Agnew, Bold Ocean Ventures Fund I LP is a first-time venture capital fund building on …

  • Partners


    Building strong partnerships within our region around blue economy innovation continues to be a core strategy for us, and we are pleased with our growing …

A boat moves from left to right as the sunset turns the sky behind it orange and bird silhouettes dot the sky.

Exploring the Viability of Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Solutions

Dr. Dave Reidmiller, Climate Center Director at GMRI, and Brady Bohrmann, Managing General Partner at our partner investment fund, Bold Ocean Ventures Fund, outline both the risks and potential opportunities of this new field by responding to some of the major questions related to ocean-based CDR.

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