LENE Summit: Bridging Networks, Sharing Vision

8:30 AM–6 PM | Wylie Center and Tupper Manor at Endicott College | Private

Join us for a 3 day Summit full of connection, knowledge sharing and visioning for the future of LENE.

LENE Summit: Bridging Networks, Sharing Vision

In January 2025 the Learning Ecosystems Northeast network (that includes you!) has the opportunity to apply for 5 more years of funding from NASA. Each and everyone of us brings a unique set of perspectives, skills and assets and are a valued member of the network. We invite you to join us at this summit to both share ideas and knowledge as well as bring your voice to the table for refining our vision for the next 5 years. At this meeting we will:

  • Refine our Shared Vision, Goals and Values: It’s important to us that we ensure all voices are represented and the work feels aligned for each of you personally, professionally and institutionally.
  • Cross Network Knowledge Sharing: It has become so clear to us that the strengths of each group are a near perfect match to a challenge that another group is facing, and we are so excited to bring you all together to leverage each of your areas of expertise to lift up the network as a whole!
  • Engage in energetic, generative conversations: we are working hard on an agenda that will leave you feeling a sense of belonging, connection to one another and re-energized for what’s to come.

On-site lodgeing, parking and food are included for the duration, all free of charge. The grounds also have private beach access and are just across the street from Endicott College where you can find more beaches and trails.