Carly Lovas

Quantitative Research Associate

Carly joined GMRI as a Quantitative Research Associate in Kathy Mills’ Integrated Systems Ecology Lab in October 2022.

In 2019, Carly received her BSc in Marine Biology from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Under the mentorship of Bob Podolsky and Philip Dustan, Carly focused her studies on understanding the impacts of climate change on the ecology of marine invertebrates.

Realizing that climate change is far more than just an issue of science, Carly went on to complete a MA in Climate and Society from Columbia University as part of the inaugural class of the newly founded Climate School. There, she set her focus on the interface of marine science, climate change, and society. Her interdisciplinary studies included coursework and projects in both climate dynamics and modeling as well as strategic communications, stakeholder management, and climate justice.

Now in the ISEL, Carly focuses on using quantitative models to understand how climate change will impact North Atlantic fisheries, from both the ecological and socio-economic standpoints. Working with relevant stakeholders and communities, Carly intends to use this data to inform decision making, adaptation planning, and fisheries management in order to create more robust and resilient communities in the face of a changing climate.

Having explored various aspects of climate science and ecology in her career, Carly has found herself living in a drastic variety of places, spanning from rural Appalachia to the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She hopes that her work will one day bring her to the west coast of Norway but for now, she is enjoying all that Portland has to offer.