Sophie Scott

Sustainable Seafood Program Manager

Sophie joined GMRI in August of 2019, initially focusing on the Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested program which entails helping consumers get more under-loved and underutilized Gulf of Maine species onto their plates. The ultimate goal of this work is to help support an economically and ecologically sustainable seafood industry in the Gulf of Maine by increasing the consumer demand for responsibly harvested seafood.

Before GMRI, Sophie received her B.Sc. in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences from McGill University and a graduate degree from Plymouth State University where she was a part of the New England Sustainability Consortium (NEST) Safe Beaches and Shellfish project which was broadly focused on bridging the gap between science and policy concerning shellfish bed and recreation beach closures.

Sophie has experience in almost every step of the seafood supply chain, running the gamut from cultivating oysters in the Damariscotta River, to delivering shellfish up and down the coast, to serving Gulf of Maine seafood to consumers in some of Maine’s best restaurants, to filling in as thirdman on her uncle’s boats, mastering the fine art of baiting bags and banding lobsters.

As a lifelong Mainer who grew up in a fishing family around Penobscot Bay, Sophie is thrilled to be part of an organization that is actively researching, educating, and supporting the communities that rely on and depend on a healthy and vibrant Gulf of Maine.