Findings from the Field Student Symposium

Connecting Student Scientists across Maine and New Hampshire.

Each year, we host students from Maine and New Hampshire who come together at GMRI to share their research findings and scientific observations. This year, on March 18th, 65 students will be presenting. Students will be joined by professional scientists from NASA and GMRI who will present their own work alongside students.

Symposium Goals:

  • Cultivate a strong community of young scientists.
  • Provide youth the opportunity to share their scientific work with peers and alongside professional scientists.
  • Promote scientific discourse and collaborative learning

Over 60 students will share their research findings at GMRI on March 18th, 2024. Presentations and posters sessions will include work by middle and high school students as well as professional scientists from GMRI and NASA. Middle school students at the symposium are contributors to the middle school science journal, Findings from the Field. For the first time since the pandemic, students will come together in person to learn and explore what it means to be a scientist.

Project team:

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