NASA Citizen Science Community Workshops

Celebrating and improving citizen science efforts

GMRI is proud to host the 2020 NASA Citizen Science Community Workshop. Initially conceived as an in-person gathering of the practitioners, scientists, civil servants, and partners involved in NASA citizen science work, this year's workshop is being held online. This event series is intended to promote exchange of scientific and engagement practices that make citizen science projects effective.

Workshop goals:

  • Provide members of the NASA Citizen Science practitioner network with opportunities to connect with others in the community.
  • Share actionable insights and strategies to advance work towards NASA’s dual goals for citizen science: advancing scientific research and building understanding of the process of science.
  • Celebrate the work and accomplishments of the NASA Citizen Science practitioner network.

GMRI is hosting the second annual NASA Citizen Science Community Workshop in collaboration with NASA in order to advance scientific research and build a more scientifically literate country. Due to COVID-19, the in-person meeting will be replaced by an online event series beginning on May 27, and continuing every second Wednesday of the month through September.

The workshops focus both on the NASA Citizen Science Community (the people and scientists managing projects) and the citizen scientists contributing to and assisting these projects.

NASA Citizen Science Community Workshop

Interested in learning more about these public events? Find more information by clicking the link below.


  • Sarah Kirn

    Citizen Science Strategist, NASA

    [email protected]
  • Leigh Peake

    Chief Education Officer

    [email protected]
  • A woman with grey hair and a black coat smiles for the camera.

    Jennifer Shirk, Ph.D.

    Interim Director

    Citizen Science Association

  • A portrait of a woman with glasses, a blue scarf, and a black shirt smiling for the camera.

    Heather Fischer, Ph.D.


    Crowd Informatics, LLC

  • A man in a beige blazer and a blue dress shirt stands smiling for the camera.

    Marc Kuchner

    Citizen Science Officer

    NASA Science Mission Directorate

  • A woman in a gray shirt smiles for the camera in a portrait.

    Reanna Putnam

    Community Engagement Specialist

    Citizen Science Association

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