Local Pier Effort Kicks Off

Tidings | Apr 20, 2020

Blue text that reads "City of South Portland" with three, blue wave-like graphics in the upper right

In November, the City of South Portland announced a new effort to evaluate how the city-owned Portland Street Pier could best support the local working waterfront.

Our aquaculture program team will support this effort by meeting with local businesses to understand how they might use a revitalized pier now and in the future.

Other partners will assess the economic impact of the project, in hopes of supporting existing and future needs of aquaculture and wild-capture fishing businesses while generating breakeven revenue for the city.

"GMRI has the expertise, relationships, and credibility to engage stakeholders and understand market needs,” said South Portland Assistant City Manager Josh Reny, “We greatly appreciate their support on this project.”

The project team held their first public meeting in mid-December, when they gathered with the local community at City Hall in South Portland. The meeting produced valuable feedback, which the project team is now incorporating into their plans.

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