New Education Collaboration

Tidings | Apr 20, 2020

In November, members of our education staff joined the newly formed Climate Change Education Collaborative for their second biannual gathering.

This community of educators first assembled in 2018, representing 21 organizations providing climate change education in some form. The collaboration includes education professionals from nonprofits, higher education, and state and federal government organizations throughout the Northeast.

By sharing ideas and resources across multiple organizations, the group hopes to make collective progress on the shared challenges associated with climate change education.

“So many organizations are approaching climate change education in innovative ways,” said GMRI Science Curriculum Specialist Meggie Harvey, who attended the meeting. “One thing we have in common is that teachers and community members across the region are coming to us and asking for resources to help them teach and learn more about climate change concepts.”

Together, the group aims to improve climate change education across the Northeast. That includes providing better resources to teachers, as well as increasing public understanding of climate change science, impacts, and solutions.

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