Welcoming a New CEO

Tidings | Sep 26, 2023

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute welcomed new CEO and President Glenn Prickett in September.

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In September, Glenn Prickett joined GMRI as our new President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Throughout Prickett’s 35-year career, he has held a wide range of leadership roles in NGOs, government, volunteer organizations, and the private sector.

As part of his long-term focus on climate change, Prickett has led projects related to greenhouse gas mitigation across energy, forestry, and agriculture sectors. He has also been involved in corporate partnerships for climate resilience and adaptation. Prickett's prior marine-related work includes projects focused on fisheries policy, coastal flood insurance, and natural infrastructure.

Prickett most recently held the position of President & CEO at the World Environment Center, an organization that promotes sustainable development in Europe, Latin America, and North America. Before that, Prickett served in roles at The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Conservation International, and the U.S. Agency for International Development. He has also held board positions with several nonprofits, including his service as co-chair at the Keystone Policy Center and strategic planning chair at the Woodwell Climate Research Center.

One of Prickett’s earliest priorities is to meet with the region’s scientists, state officials, fishing and aquaculture leaders, and other important stakeholders to understand their vision for a thriving Gulf of Maine ecosystem and economy.

Whether we’re talking about supporting healthy ocean ecosystems or growing the regional blue economy, solutions are going to come from the bottom-up. The Gulf of Maine really is a living laboratory, and the innovations that have and will continue to emerge from this region are going to be relevant around a warming world.

Glenn Prickett President/CEO
Glenn Prickett's staff photo
Glenn Prickett President/CEO

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