Split The Seafood Bill 2020

Highlights from our 2020 Split the Seafood Bill Campaign.

On December 16th, we piloted our first Split the Seafood Bill day, where we offered to split the cost of takeout or dine-in orders for anyone who ordered a seafood dish from one of our Culinary Partners. We launched the campaign to support our local restaurants and the seafood industry as they navigated the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on the success of the December event, we launched a five-week campaign that ran every Thursday starting on February 18th, 2021. We've collected data on the campaign's impact, and are excited to share the positive results here.

Campaign Details:

  • We reimbursed customers up to $30 when they ordered seafood at any of our Culinary Partner locations on six separate days throughout December, February, and March.
  • Restaurants reported that on Thursdays, the campaign boosted sales overall and especially sales of seafood.
  • Diners reported that the campaign motivated them to try new restaurants, to eat more seafood, and that the extra funds helped them afford a nice restaurant meal during a difficult year.

"“The Split the Bill program helped drive diners to those of us who are serving locally sourced seafood, and we appreciate it very much. The pandemic served up extra helpings of bleakness this winter and by dint of luck, hard work, government intervention and the help of those of you in our community, we've survived.”

Mike Wiley Chef/Owner, Eventide Oyster Co. and The Honey Paw

Campaign Impact

Our Split the Bill campaign was a success, but don't just take our word for it. Here are some examples of the Split the Seafood Bill campaign's impact.

We reimbursed a lot of community members who ordered seafood at one of our Culinary Partner locations. That added up quickly!

Diners who Split the Bill

We reimbursed hundreds of community members over the course of the campaign.

Reimbursement Funds

Funding from our sponsors sent money back into diners’ pockets.

"“The Split the Seafood Bill campaign was extremely beneficial for Becky’s Diner to be a part of not only for us but also for our customers and the numerous local seafood producers that deliver to us every day. Portland has some of the highest quality and freshest locally sourced seafood in the world. To be able to provide that to our customers at half price was a true pleasure.”

Becky Rand Owner, Becky's Diner

Colorful seafood plate with pan fried fish, leaves, radish, and corn
Participating Restaurants

We split the cost of orders placed at Culinary Partner locations from Portsmouth to Damariscotta.

Overall Sales

The campaign generated direct sales to the participating restaurants that were 2.5 times what we reimbursed to customers.

A chef sprinkles salt on fish fillets on a wooden cutting board with herbs next to the fillets

"“This was a great program. I tried some new restaurants and ordered seafood at other restaurants I go to often but had never tried seafood at. I will definitely be more aware that local restaurants are offering Gulf of Maine seafood.”

Rachel F. Split the Bill Participant

Survey Insights

We asked community members who participated in the campaign to give us feedback by filling out a short survey after they were reimbursed. Here's some of what we learned.

Inspired to Order

Almost all of our survey respondents indicated that the reason they decided to order seafood from one of our Culinary Partner locations was because of our campaign.

Trying Something New

More than half of our survey respondents indicated that they placed orders at restaurants they had never tried before or had not been to during the pandemic.

In Support of our Culinary Partners

Just as working waterfronts are part of the cultural and economic bedrock of the Gulf of Maine region, restaurants play a critical role in our communities. Our Culinary Partners listed below are businesses that commit to making Gulf of Maine seafood available on their menus at all times. These businesses are dedicated supporters of the local seafood industry, but right now, these restaurants need our support.

A black and white horizontal icon for the Split the Bill campaign.

Presenting Sponsor

The Split the Bill campaign was possible thanks in part to the generous support of our presenting sponsor, Hannaford.

Principal and Supporting Sponsors

Sponsoring Foundations

Additional funding for our Split the Bill campaign was provided by the Henry P. Kendall Foundation and the Goldie Anna Charitable Trust. Thanks to their generous support, we are able to launch campaigns like Split the Bill in support of our local restaurants and seafood industry.

Project Team

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