Sustainable Seafood Consultation

Guiding businesses towards sustainable seafood sourcing

GMRI offers consultation to businesses committed to responsible seafood sourcing but that have yet to implement a robust sourcing policy. With a perspective on global marine and seafood business issues, GMRI helps the seafood industry develop and implement plans that contribute to the long-term sustainability of the world’s marine resources.

Key Offerings:

  • Science-based sustainable seafood policy advising for businesses.
  • Operational expertise in developing, implementing, and maintaining seafood sustainability policies for businesses.

GMRI’s sustainable seafood consultation harnesses our scientific, project management, and business expertise to inform and help manage the development and implementation of sustainable seafood policies for companies. We offer a global perspective, grounded in our relationships with NGOs and businesses, as well as our on-the-ground work with the regional seafood industry. Our relationships with businesses are tailored to each company’s needs and goals. We collaborate with our clients to ensure their seafood sourcing policies and programs are well informed and credible.

Featured Global Partner: Ahold Delhaize USA

GMRI partners with Ahold Delhaize USA, a retailer which owns more than 2,000 grocery stores on the east coast. Ahold Delhaize USA banners include Food Lion, Giant Food, Hannaford, Stop & Shop, and The Giant Company. We have worked closely with the company to develop and implement a sustainable seafood sourcing policy for all of the US banners. GMRI advises ongoing work around seafood sustainability issues and works with Ahold Delhaize USA staff and their suppliers to ensure that all seafood products meet their criteria.

The Ahold Delhaize USA policy covers all seafood products in the stores, including fresh, frozen, and canned items from around the world. The policy requires that seafood products come from well-managed fisheries and farms to ensure fish populations remain healthy and that fishing and farming methods have minimal environmental and social impacts. Additionally, all seafood products must be traceable to the source fishery or farm. All fisheries are assessed individually, making this one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive seafood sourcing initiatives in North America.

Featured Local Partner: Hannaford Supermarkets

GMRI and Hannaford Supermarkets have a history of working collaboratively to achieve a robust and credible local seafood program in all Hannaford stores. We currently partner with Hannaford and their suppliers to verify that all seafood identified as “Local” in the fresh service case is responsibly harvested and traceable to the Gulf of Maine region. Our work with Hannaford is broadly focused on building demand for and supporting an ecologically and economically sustainable Gulf of Maine fishing and seafood industry.

The Hannaford Sustainable Seafood Story

Staff Contact

If you're interested in partnering with GMRI to develop and implement your company’s seafood policy, contact Kyle Foley.

Kyle Foley
Kyle Foley Sustainable Seafood Senior Program Manager (207) 228-1670 [email protected]

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