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Home Delivery

GMRI Home Delivery is a menu of virtual learning experiences adapted from the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s education programs. All of the programs below are facilitated by experienced GMRI educators to give our teacher partners a break from carrying the load alone. All of these virtual programs are based on the GMRI programs teachers have come to know and love, and feature the same high-quality authentic science experiences.

Our LabVenture Express, Vernal Pool Party, or Nature Notes offerings each consist of five 45-minute class periods held at regular times over the course of a week. Scientist-To-Go meetups will be stand-alone, 45-minute sessions featuring GMRI researchers and their work.

GMRI Home Delivery sessions require a device and internet connection. We will be using Zoom and Google tools, but may be able to adapt programs to other platforms as needed. Because we know this is a challenge for some students, we also have a small number of offline options. Please reach out to us if you want to explore those.

LabVenture Express

LabVenture Express is a virtual learning experience adapted from our LabVenture program. These five days of lessons, led by our LabVenture Educators, will bring students through the main learning outcomes of the LabVenture experience. While students won’t get to hold a live lobster or use microscopes to study live plankton in our lab, your students will still engage in a rich and authentic exploration of how warming ocean temperatures are changing the Gulf of Maine. The lessons will include a combination of short lectures, class discussions, and student interactions including plankton identification, lobster biology, an introduction to Black Sea Bass, and a deeper dive into the temperature changes seen in the Gulf of Maine. Activities will include online interactives adapted from the lab experience just for Maine’s 5th- and 6th-grade students!  

Nature Notes

Nature Notes are a great way for students to practice authentic scientific observation with science writing. Each Nature Note features interesting observations of the natural world grounded in relevant background knowledge. The five-day Nature Note offering, paired with a student guide packet, will introduce students to the Nature Note format, support students to build key background knowledge, and encourage them to make careful observations in their own backyards and neighborhoods. Students can submit completed Nature Notes to our student research journal, Findings from the Field

Vernal Pool Party

As vernal pools are becoming active, scientists from the University of Maine are looking for help collecting information on the presence or absence of a few small but important species - caddisflies and fairy shrimp. In this five-day citizen science exploration, students will build the knowledge and skills needed to explore vernal pools in their area and contribute data to the Ecosystem Investigation Network. The Network hosts citizen science projects all designed to increase current understanding of the impacts of climate change on ecosystems in the Gulf of Maine. 

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Please complete this form to express interest in these five-day GMRI Home Delivery sessions. A member of our team will be in touch to finalize a date and time on a first-come, first-served basis and to collect information about your needs to suit your group.

Scientist-To-Go Meetups

Meet a GMRI scientist and learn about their research interests and methods. Each Scientist-To-Go meetup will include a presentation by one of our scientists and time for Q and A for a total of about 30-45 mins. Offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 AM, starting on April 28th.

Express interest by filling out this form and we will send you details of each meetup and sign-in information via email.