American Plaice Joins Responsibly Harvested List

Tidings | Apr 20, 2020

A graphic of an American plaice, a brownish flounder.

In 2011, we created our Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested® brand to help people buy seafood they can feel good about.

A key component of this program is assessing and verifying which species from the Gulf of Maine region are responsibly harvested.

The newest addition to our list of verified species is American plaice, from the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank. Commonly known as dabs, American plaice is a type of flounder.

In November, our sustainable seafood team published the official verification assessment report for this species. These reports reflect a rigorous review process, which includes input from a panel of external scientists.

"By verifying responsible harvest, we can empower businesses and individuals at every level of the supply chain,” said program manager Kyle Foley. “Seafood dealers, restaurants, and grocery shoppers alike can use this information to support both local fishermen and a healthy ecosystem.”

Learn more and explore the full list of Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested species.

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