Public Schools Serving Local Seafood

Tidings | Sep 14, 2020

Students in public schools across New England will soon have an opportunity to eat and learn about Gulf of Maine seafood.

a white line drawing on a green background depicts a fishing vessel with an arrow pointing toward a school.

A new effort is underway to help public schools across New England source, purchase, and serve their students more local seafood.

In addition to supply-chain support that will assist the schools in their sourcing efforts, our seafood staff will also help educate students about the marine food system and the positive impacts of eating regional Gulf of Maine seafood.

Unfortunately, local seafood sometimes gets left out of conversations around farm-to-table, or in this case farm-to-school. We’re so excited to help local schools serve their students healthy meals featuring fish caught right in their backyard.”

Kyle Foley Sustainable Seafood Director
Kyle Foley Sustainable Seafood Director

Our sustainable seafood team will begin this work with funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm to School program. Senators Susan Collins and Angus King reflected on the award’s impact on Maine in a shared statement:

“This investment will help to ensure that students in Maine will continue to have access to local and healthy foods while supporting Maine farmers and fishermen.”

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