Welcoming a New Chief Scientific Officer

Tidings | Oct 20, 2021

Dr. Janet Duffy-Anderson will lead our research team as our new Chief Scientific Officer.

New GMRI Chief Scientific Officer Janet Duffy-Anderson taking notes aboard a research vessel.
New GMRI Chief Scientific Officer Janet Duffy-Anderson.

The GMRI community is excited to welcome Dr. Janet Duffy-Anderson as our new Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Duffy-Anderson joins us after a distinguished career in fisheries science at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Alaska Fisheries Science Center.

Trained as a fisheries research biologist and marine ecosystem ecologist, Dr. Duffy-Anderson is best known as a leader in assessing the impact of climate and ecosystem change on fisheries — and working with fisheries managers to reckon with those changes across the U.S., Canada, and Russia. Dr. Duffy-Anderson hopes to build on our reputation as a leader on the issue of ocean warming and associated impacts.

“As the entire planet warms, a few places around the world are experiencing even faster rates of warming along with outsized ecosystem impacts,” said Dr. Duffy-Anderson. “Alaska is one of those places and the Gulf of Maine is another, so I’m excited to translate what I’ve learned elsewhere as I learn more about a new region.”

Dr. Duffy-Anderson’s experience working with the Alaskan fishing industry, Alaskan indigenous leaders, and other stakeholders will inform her collaborative approach to the new role in Maine.

My role at NOAA was to provide the most accurate and comprehensive scientific information to inform the best management decisions with the best science. Some of that information comes from professional research scientists, but other times it comes from integrating local knowledge from the fishing industry, traditional knowledge from indigenous communities, and grassroots information from citizen scientists and others.

Janet Duffy-Anderson, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer
Headshot of Janet Duffy-Anderson
Janet Duffy-Anderson, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer

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