Climate Financing Program

Mobilizing financial resources to implement ambitious climate action.

Time after time, our conversations with municipal officials, blue economy business leaders, wharf operators, and even concerned coastal community members reveal one major barrier to taking climate action: figuring out how to pay for it. Our climate financing capacity aims to overcome this obstacle by providing the support and building the capacity needed to get capital flowing — and in the process turn reports on the shelf into shovels in the ground.

Program Goals:

  • Help coastal municipalities and businesses identify, access, and manage public and private financing sources in support of climate adaptation and mitigation actions.
  • Build capacity among municipal officials, business leaders, and coastal community members to identify and secure financing to increase their resilience to climate risks and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Design incentive programs and other innovative financial tools, mechanisms, and programming to accelerate climate action.

A core goal of our Climate Financing Program is to help municipal officials and business owners design and execute upon financial stacks to pursue climate adaptation and mitigation projects.

While supporting stakeholders with traditional, competitively-awarded grant processes is a component of the program, we focus on more innovative, diversified, and comprehensive approaches to mobilizing the finance needed to realize climate action goals. This entails providing coastal communities with the knowledge, tools, and confidence they need to build climate resilience and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Climate Financing Program provides critical climate services which enable regional coastal stakeholders to overcome a major barrier to more ambitious climate action. Working closely with our Coastal Dynamics Lab, as well as our Business and Municipal Climate Action Programs, the Climate Financing Program is informed by the best-available science to implement community-driven solutions.

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We keep a pulse on a wide range of funding opportunities — including, but not limited to, federal and state grants — and partnerships that support climate action for both the public and private sector. Identifying a funding opportunity is often just the first step in a long process of applications and project management. Our Climate Financing Program can support your organization in preparing for these funding opportunities by identifying relevant sources of finance, gathering common application materials, navigating the grant-making process, and developing a full capital stack of funding to support climate adaptation and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation projects from start to finish.

Whether you’re not sure where to start or if you have already prioritized your project plans for climate action, we can be a resource for best practices, partnerships, and funding opportunities.

Contact us to learn more about capital stack planning, communicating with investment groups, and developing an overall financial analysis and plan for a more resilient and lower-carbon future.

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