Ecosystem Investigation Network

Aggregating knowledge and experience to generate improved understanding.

The Ecosystem Investigation Network supports field-based, collaborative research into the climate-driven changes happening in the Gulf of Maine and its watershed. Ultimately, our goal is to bring these stories of change together to reveal new patterns of change and new connectedness across our region.

Project Goals:

  • Offer engaging, diverse opportunities for the public to participate in and contribute to scientific research.
  • Promote environmental stewardship through public engagement with natural resource challenges.
  • Increase understanding about how climate change impacts species, communities, and habitats in the Gulf of Maine watershed.
  • Boost support for science, learning, and community priorities.

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s Ecosystem Investigation Network supports field-based collaborative research into the climate-driven changes happening in the Gulf of Maine and its watershed. The Network includes locally and regionally focused projects designed to satisfy participants and generate scientific data and understanding. With projects specifically tailored for both public audiences and for use by teachers in classrooms, the Network extends its educational outreach and research capacity throughout the region. It's designed to be a resource for scientists and communities alike working to design projects that engage all kinds of people — from middle school students to seasoned sportsmen — in the collection and examination of data. As data, patterns, and conversations emerge through this connected effort, we hope to improve understanding of how climate change impacts a regional watershed system, and how we can prepare for a more sustainable and resilient future.

Ecosystem Investigation Network

Explore the Ecosystem Investigation Network webpage by clicking the link below.

In this edition of Field Notes, Sarah Kirn introduces the all-new Ecosystem Investigation Network — a powerful, climate-focused citizen science platform. Collaborative groups of citizens and scientists are invited to use the platform and resources to design and host their investigations of climate-driven change in the Gulf of Maine and its watershed.

Staff contact for public projects

Sarah Kirn
Sarah Kirn Citizen Science Strategist, NASA (207) 228-1631 [email protected]

Staff contact for classroom projects

Meggie Harvey
Meggie Harvey Program Manager, Community Science in Education (207) 228-1666 [email protected]

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