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Climate Center

Climate change poses an existential threat to coastal communities as we know them.

Our climate center supports local, state, national, and global climate actions that will empower coastal communities to thrive in a warmer world. This interdisciplinary center leverages the Gulf of Maine Research Institute's unique mix of science, education, and community expertise to provide forward-looking leadership.

We deliver climate services that advance the following goals:

  • Empowering coastal communities with localized data and strategies to address their climate risks.
  • Mobilizing business leaders to develop climate solutions in the private sector.
  • Helping fishermen and fisheries managers identify climate-resilient strategies for the future.
  • Leveraging innovative financial tools and information to turn climate knowledge into action.

Climate Center Projects

In the context of a warmer world, the past is no longer a reliable indicator of the future. Explore our pursuit of forward-looking climate solutions.

  • Preparing Communities for Sea Level Rise

    Preparing Communities for Sea Level Rise

    Whether directly or indirectly, we will all feel the impacts of continued sea level rise. of sea level rise. In order to build resilient communities …

  • Climate Decision Theater

    Climate Decision Theater

    For this project, we are developing an interactive learning environment and workshop experience for fishery stakeholders. These stakeholders will learn how to build and understand …

  • Northeast Climate Integrated Modeling (NCLIM)

    Northeast Climate Integrated Modeling (NCLIM)

    Transforming fisheries' decision-making processes from dependent on historical observations to more a forward-looking process will require interdisciplinary research efforts that advance our knowledge and understanding …

  • Climate Adaptation Strategies for Northeast U.S. Fishing Communities

    Climate Adaptation Strategies for Northeast U.S. Fishing Communities

    We are leading several interdisciplinary projects to provide community-scale information that can be used to guide adaptation and planning for future ecosystem and fishery changes. …

  • Real World, Real Science

    Real World, Real Science

    Real World, Real Science is a NASA-funded project that enables students to explore the local impacts of global climatic trends and builds connections in STEM …

  • Climate Resilient Fisheries

    Climate Resilient Fisheries

    This project investigates the key features that support fisheries’ resilience to climate change impacts, and how these features are recognized and enhanced in marine fishery …

  • Climate and Fisheries Data Dashboard

    Climate and Fisheries Data Dashboard

    The Climate and Fisheries Data Dashboard is a web-based application developed for fisheries stakeholders in the Northeast which makes complex, climate-relevant data more accessible and …

  • Coastal Flooding Citizen Science

    Coastal Flooding Citizen Science

    Our coastal flooding project provides local residents with guidance on how to contribute observations that will help pinpoint high-risk flooding areas in our communities. Community …

  • Mapping Coastal Community Flood Hazards

    Mapping Coastal Community Flood Hazards

    To help coastal residents learn more about the impacts of coastal flooding and sea level rise, we partnered with the City of South Portland to …

As more people who care about the Gulf of Maine come to understand it as one of the fastest-warming ocean regions on the planet, one question persists: Why is the Gulf of Maine warming so rapidly?

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